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Professional translations in banking law

Professional translations in banking law The annual financial statements are just around the corner It is that time again. Banks and credit institutions operating in Germany must submit their annual financial statements to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) by 31 March at the latest, in accordance with Section 242 (3) of the German Commercial [...]

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One world – many languages

Especially in today's business world, it is no longer sufficient to speak only one's mother tongue. In these times of a global, increasingly converging marketplace, English as a universal language is only one of many languages that can be encountered in an international business environment. But what to do if documents are needed in Russian? [...]

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Don’t get lost in translation – make it global!

As 2018 approaches, I will offer a quote. „Forecasting is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to the future“ It`s not certain who, if any one person, gave the world this clever quote. It has been attributed to Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Kurt Tucholsky, and possibly others. What I believe is certain is that international [...]

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Translation? Interpreting? Synchroneous translations? – What the heck are the differences and what is it called correctly?

The confusion is often great when it comes to translations, interpreting and in particular the special form of simultaneous interpreting. Translation is the rendering of one language to another in written form.  These writings range significantly from legal deeds, certificates and agreements to press releases and website texts.   Accurate translations require particular expert knowledge in [...]

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Business Language Trainings

Would you like to invest in yourself and or your employees and improve your language skills in a certain foreign language or a specific subject matter such as Business English?  Are you working in Germany as an expatriate or project employee and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to learn German while you [...]

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Quality standards

Translators are professionally obligated to observe secrecy. At Linguaforum only the respective translator and administrative staff, when appropriate, have access to the documents. All texts, including those which are particularly confidential or personal, are in trusted hands with Linguaforum. Our wide range of expertise and comprehensive customer-oriented service enhance the overall quality of each translation project [...]

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