Translation Services Frankfurt am Main

Specialist translations

Translation is the transfer of written texts in their entire range – from deeds, certificates, agreements, press releases and website texts right up to verdicts, to or from a foreign language. This requires particular expert knowledge in the respective field in order to guarantee a meaningful translation of the text, as well as the correctness of the technical terms used and also the adequate involvement of the audience and the target market.

You would also like us to edit the original versions of your texts to be translated? Please ask about our special offers for translations and proofreading!


Certified translations

What is a certified translation and what do you need it for?

By certifying a translation, the sworn translator approves the trueness and completeness of the translation; by stamping, signing and attaching the attestation clause to it, the sworn translator causes the certified translation to become an official document. Certified document translations may only be rendered by an accredited translator sworn before a German Regional Court.

You will need this service if you wish to use certified translations for official purposes, such as a visit to the authorities, company foundations, applications or other important occasions.

Linguaforum Frankfurt offers certified translation for many purposes, including:

  • Company foundations in Germany and abroad
  • Notary appointments in international real estate transactions
  • Court hearings
  • Applications in Germany and abroad
  • University semester abroad
  • Marriage

The following documents are most often required to be translated and certified by our customers:

  • Excerpts from commercial and land registers
  • Shareholders’ resolutions
  • Agreements of any kind
  • Merger filings
  • Annual financial statements
  • Statements of claims
  • Judgments
  • Legal opinions
  • Annual / business reports
  • Insurance policies
  • Medical certificates
  • Certificates of all kinds (school certificates, records of study, clearance certificate, etc.)
  • Letters of reference
  • Customs documents
  • and many others

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