Unfortunately, a binding fee estimate cannot be made on the rough basis of the number of pages, as the content of text can differ considerably from page to page. This can especially be the case for large-volume documents. Therefore, we ask that you tentatively send us the respective document so that we have a chance to get an impression of the actual content. We also request that the document, as far as possible, be in an editible format so that we will be able to work directly within the text, including the pre-defined styles and formatting, and can thus make sure you receive the translation in exactly the same layout as the original document.

As for website texts, we ask that you export the texts from your Content Management System into a Word file: in the case of extensive and internally linked websites, we cannot guarantee the completeness of the texts copied. Furthermore, a free estimate of costs may – in some circumstances – not be possible, but the time will be invoiced.

By certifying a translation, the sworn translator approves the trueness and completeness of the translation; by stamping, signing and attaching the attestation clause to it, the sworn translator causes the certified translation to become an official document. Certified document translations may only be rendered by an accredited translator sworn before a German Regional Court.

You will need this service if you wish to use certified translations for official purposes, such as a visit to the authorities, company foundations, applications or other important occasions.