Would you like to invest in yourself and or your employees and improve your language skills in a certain foreign language or a specific subject matter such as Business English?  Are you working in Germany as an expatriate or project employee and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to learn German while you are here? We would be happy to provide qualified and experienced trainers for individualized course concepts, wherever and whenever it suits you best.

We are your expert partner for both corporate in-house language training and private language classes at home or in our course rooms on site. We are absolutely flexible and seek to meet your needs 100%. We feel that this is the only way to effectively and sustainably integrate language training into one’s professional life.  We are happy to advise you and be flexible to your needs.

Trust between firm and client is a critical component in translations and language trainings. Linguaforum prioritizies maintaining that trust through highly individualized and superior translation services and language trainings; and frequent and healthy sharing of updates and feedback with clients.

Professional and personal development are important instruments for staff retention. Of equal importance, they are a profitable profitable investment in the further development of your qualified employees. It`s typical that each group of employees and or different departments have their own requirements as to the content of a language training. Our thematic approach is highly diverse and individualized. We offer:  Sales English for sales and distribution, Presentation Techniques for field service, Negotiation Skills for the legal department, Executive Level English for leadership, and Administrative English for assistants and secretaries. We organize the trainings entirely according to your wishes.

Our translation and training programs go in both language directions. We would be delighted to offer German as a foreign language for your Expat colleagues we also have the right course concept for your needs and are happy to be your partner for the training.