As 2018 approaches, I will offer a quote.

„Forecasting is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to the future“

It`s not certain who, if any one person, gave the world this clever quote. It has been attributed to Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Kurt Tucholsky, and possibly others.

What I believe is certain is that international business relations, trading with suppliers and partners on the other side of the world are becoming more and more commonplace and will increase in 2018.

There are companies in Germany, and especially in the Frankfurt area, which have billions of dollars in sales through exports and, in some cases, export quotas of no less than 96%. „Made in Germany” enjoys great popularity across much of the world. International trade is no longer limited to the EEA. Major events including a Foreign Trade Day at one of the Hessian Chambers of Industry and Commerce are magically attracting the public. Consultants and service providers, whether they are business law firms, tax consultants, seminar providers or management consultants, have long since realised that the world is shrinking to the size of a tennis ball and globalisation is not slowing down.

Large law firms have been at the center of this globalization providing legal services to their international clients for many years. These global players have drafted contracts for German and foreign firms wanting to grow in new markets. These firms have also focused on protecting past successes by applying for and enforcing property rights law.

Whether it be the classic import-export business of industry and trade or consulting services in the legal and patent field, the dedicated staff of Linguaforum can provide superior linguistic support in the form of sector-specific specialist translations and interpreting services. Our services cover many languages and translations are done in either direction.

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Don’t get lost in translation – make it global!

Happy Holidays.