Specialized translations in the field of banking and finance

Due to the increasing interconnection of the global markets, translations in the field of banking and finance are becoming more and more important. The range of financial texts is wide, and it speaks its very own language: specialized translations are needed in the credit services sector, in the banking industry, the stock exchange and in accounting/controlling. Financial texts are frequently the basis for important decisions, which is why a translation is required to deliver reliable and correct information. This is why the bar for financial translations is set so high – not only the exact terminology needs to be implemented professionally, but also the required language style.

Whether it is the brochure for your IPO, the annual accounts, financial reports, agreements or investor presentations – Linguaforum Frankfurt delivers specialized translations at the highest level, at the same time guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

Furthermore, our experts will be happy to assist you as interpreters at supervisory board meetings, meetings with investors or the annual general meeting.

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