Specialized translations in the field of business administration and economics

As our corporate customers all work in the free economy, this area is the centerpiece of our work.

Thanks to globalization, international commercial relationships are increasing. Business relationships with customers and suppliers as well as one’s own branch offices abroad are becoming the norm. It is taken for granted that employees in the free economy have a good command of the English language. But when it comes to agreements, bids or important correspondence, a professional translation is required. A profound entrepreneurial and economic understanding of the processes, markets and needs of our clients as well of their respective industry makes sure that our translators meet the correct professional jargon in the following text types:

  • Commercial documents
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Professional articles
  • Expert assessments
  • Balance sheets, management reports
  • Minutes
  • Supply and service agreements
  • Presentations for customers, investors, management and supervisory board

As entrepreneurs we meet our clients at eye level, having set ourselves the task of optimally positioning the foreign-language versions of texts by means of the correct terminology and appropriate tone.

The result: high-quality specialized translations getting to the heart of the original text and transporting it to the target language to its full extent.

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