Specialized translations in the field of HR / letters of reference

Particularly HR managers, recruitment consultants and personnel departments (Human Resources) regularly face situations in which they appreciate our linguistic know-how and intercultural sensitivity in this field. Whether it is early on, such as in the process of drafting the job descriptions, or during the recruitment process, for appraisal interviews, or when employees leave the company and are subsequently issued a reference. Globalization has long since begun to have an influence on staffing and personnel decisions – we are happy to assist you as a competent language professionals with intercultural know-how at all times.

Personnel is calculable; excellent, internationally qualified employees are no coincidence. Rely on our linguistic expertise in this process and have us accompany your recruitment and employer branding campaigns.

Your personal career can also be planned reasonably and strategically: if you are striving for an international career and would like to apply abroad, you will need the respective documents and references in English or, even better, in the particular local language. The global commercial language is English; thus, it will be absolutely necessary to add English references if you wish to become successful internationally, as a German letter of reference will help you only very rarely. It is most unlikely that a manager or decision maker in China, Russia, Japan, the U.S., Poland, Italy, France, Spain or elsewhere in this world speaks German – rely on our expertise and many years of experience in this field.

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