Specialized translations in the field of law and patents

Each of the areas of expertise bears its very own challenges; however, particularly technical translations in the field of law and patent require particular specialization and high quality standards as well as profound background knowledge so that you can be sure to receive a translation that is linguistically and legally absolutely correct, as not only different languages but also different legal systems in the respective jurisdictions need to be considered here.

Some examples include:

  • Excerpts from commercial and land registers
  • Shareholders’ resolutions
  • Agreements / contracts of any kind
  • Merger filings
  • Annual accounts
  • Statement of claims
  • Judgments
  • Legal opinions
  • Annual and management reports

Besides the translation of patent specifications for filing with the patent office, Intellectual Property (IP) comprises the translation of citations, examination reports, certificates of origin, lists of goods and services, court rulings, license agreements and other legal writs with courts and authorities in the sector of intellectual property.

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