Specialized translations in the field of renewable energies

Solar energy, wind energy, water energy, bio energy, geothermal energy – our expertise for your specialized translations covers renewable or regenerative energies with all its subtopics.

Whether it is an investment in photovoltaic installations, their financing, construction or maintenance – from the mere technical descriptions, to marketing material, to the required contracts and notarizations, all the way up to the agreements and regulations on the operation of the plant – Linguaforum Frankfurt will be happy to assist you with industry-specific translations and interpreting services at all times.

The industry is wide and diverse and ranges from solar energy, wind energy, water energy, bio energy, geothermal energy and hybrid technology. If you appreciate professionals in this field, you should contact us directly!

Do you have questions regarding our areas of expertise or have a specific enquiry? Feel free to call us at +49 6171 – 7039 966 or send us an E-Mail!