Linguaforum Oberursel


Best location ever to work and enjoy the beautiful weather – Herrenmühle Oberursel!

Our Oberursel office is a former mill from the 18th century, a historic building transformed into an office space in the 1980s.

Oberursel, as a suburb north of Frankfurt, is centrally located perfectly connected to the financial and economic hub just 20 minutes away – as going from one city district to another within the Frankfurt city limits.

That is why most of our Frankfurt-based clients, especially in the legal and financial industry, rely on a service provider close by where it is also possible to meet in person or to hand over original documents and certified translations same day.

Also, most international conferences, fairs, general assemblies and other board meeting at European and international level take place in Frankfurt thanks to the proximity of the international airport just around the corner so translators and interpreters based in and around Frankfurt are preferred service providers and save the client a lot of money, i.e. travel expenses. This competitive edge is clearly appreciated by our renowned clients based in or holding meetings in Frankfurt.

So if you also organize conferences, committee meetings like general assemblies and supervisory board meetings, notarizations or symposiums and require the assistance of professional simultaneous interpreters and/or sworn translators, just give a call at+49 6171 – 7039 966 or drop a message at Happy to help!