Especially in today’s business world, it is no longer sufficient to speak only one’s mother tongue. In these times of a global, increasingly converging marketplace, English as a universal language is only one of many languages that can be encountered in an international business environment. But what to do if documents are needed in Russian? What if there is an upcoming appointment with a business partner from the Arab world or a conference needs to be reliably interpreted into several different languages?

Welcome to Linguaforum Frankfurt. We are your competent partner when it comes to specialist translations, interpreting services or business language training. With sound knowledge and an understanding of the complexity of the required language, both spoken and written, we will cross linguistic barriers together with you and accompany you in your work around the globe.

As an internationally active specialist translation company, we offer comprehensive services in all the world’s languages and numerous specialist areas for prestigious companies, authorities, institutes, associations and private individuals from Germany and abroad, as well as texts from a wide variety of subject areas and business areas. The high quality standard of our translations is based on the interaction between academically qualified translators and experienced professionals.

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