Linguaforum: Interpreting services for Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main-Area

Interpreting is the oral transfer of spoken words and is always required if it is necessary to ensure that the audience can listen to a technical lecture, presentation, an important business meeting or a court hearing in their respective native language. Hence, international conferences usually collaborate with simultaneous interpreters, who work together in pairs in their booth for their respective language combination. The interpreters talk directly into their headsets, and their voices are then transmitted live, thus without any loss of time, via various audio channels to the audience, enabling them to hook up in their preferred language.

It is necessary to work in pairs because simultaneous interpretation requires a high degree of concentration; the two interpreters take turns approximately every 20 minutes. By deploying two professionals, we are able to guarantee that no word fails to be heard and each spoken word is reproduced correctly. As is the case with the “four-eyes” principle for translations.

No matter what industry your conference or international meeting is related to: Our interpreters translate every spoken word into the desired language without delay – and back again. You can always rely on the professional competence of our employees in these areas:

  • Complex issues on the subject of economics & finance
  • New findings from medical technology
  • Current case law
  • Developments & Transactions in the Real Estate World
  • Innovations in the automotive industry
  • and mnay others

Linguaforum in Oberursel near Frankfurt translates orally into over 33 foreign languages such as English, French and Spanish, but also Danish and Latvian. Please feel free to contact us to find out which language we may make understandable for you.

Simultaneous interpretation for a smooth course of conversation

Negotiations and talks however, regardless of whether they are of a legal, economic or political nature, are usually interpreted consecutively, meaning one of the dialog partners finishes his speech and the interpreter reproduces it in the other language. The other dialog partner then gives his answer, his point of view or his statement, and the interpreter translates it into the language of the first dialog partner. The result is a bilingual conversation that all participants can easily follow. What is special about this kind of interpretation is the fact that the interpreter switches between the two languages, requiring both perfect fluency in speaking in both languages and absolute flexibility.

You are organizing a conference that will require interpreters for the international speeches, and you would also like to entrust the entire conference technology into our experienced hands? Thanks to our long-standing and well-established business relationship with conference technicians, we are able to offer the entire full-service package from one single source. We are your competent consultant and contact person at all times and see to a smooth flow of your multilingual event.

Do you have questions regarding our interpretation services or have a specific enquiry? Feel free to call us at +49 6171 – 7039 966 or send us an E-Mail! During our business hours – Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. – we are at your disposal in our office in Oberursel near Frankfurt.