From A for architecture through L for law & patents to… well, R for renewable energies, we offer specialist translations in numerous specialization areas and industries.

Each industry has its own terminology and its own “language”, so that it is often difficult or even impossible to translate a text in a technically correct and appealing way for the relevant target group if one is not familiar with the relevant subject matter. For this reason, students already choose a subject area that they would like to specialize in during their studies and receive lectures in the corresponding subject area in addition to the actual translation practice at universities and technical colleges. For example, whoever chooses the subject area of economics, for example, will not only learn (general) economic translations, but will also be given the opportunity to get involved in subjects such as macroeconomics, business transactions, stock exchange trading, banking, intra-European trade, German and international company structures and commercial calculations – in short, everything that one encounters in the business columns of a newspaper.

Those who decide to specialize in medical technology will acquire sound technical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and therapeutic expertise in the field of clinical research, laboratory technology, but also in psychology, product marketing and pharmaceutical law, whereas the “legal experts” concentrate in legal terms, different legal systems, the two pillars of civil and criminal law as well as corporate and labor law, certified document translation, notarial and court interpreting as well as tax matters.

Marketing and PR is characterized by a lively language with a strong focus on the target group and market. A clear-cut press release, presentations or website texts should never sound like a contract, but instead require not only precise knowledge of the industry, but also sensitivity to cultural aspects and market approaches.

In order to meet the highest linguistic and subject/industry-specific needs of our clients, we work exclusively with specialized translators who have been “at home” in a selected field of expertise since their studies. A good technical translator or someone with a lively marketing language might be the wrong person to translate a contract – and vice versa.

Thus, we assign the right expert who perfectly understands your business and finds exactly the right words for the required text to ensure that it will reach your readers’ attention exactly as planned and that the message will be adequately conveyed.

In this sense – cobbler, stick to your last!